annett: smallest bag ever for cosmetics and chocolates

made of vinyl covered linen (japanese fabric: kokka) with upcycled zipper (30 years old 🙂 )

i´d use it for nailpolish & lipsticks

2013-09-04 08.54.04


i´m sure she will stuff the bag with her beloved „strobls“ (= mirabell mozartkugeln)

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a bag for doreen´s twin sister: turquoise feathers

doreen ordered a bag for her sister, currently living on the east coast of the USA. i was free to choose everything, no specifications from doreen´s site at all: color, material, size, complexity of the design… this is how i work best !

chose the left combination of material & colors:

2013-09-21 18.01.31

and decided to go for a large sized bag:

2013-11-19 08.33.46 - Kopie 2013-11-19 08.35.12 2013-11-19 08.33.21

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dots, stripes & menthe

finally i found a way to get rid of my old shirts (those with holes and/or dirt stains, those that got too short, those that became twisted along the seams after washing once (!!) etc…)

i use them for new shirt making, anyway i´m very much into color blocking.

here i joined 2 old shirts (one with nautical stripes & one with polka dots) with a piece of new menthe colored jersey (96% viscose & 4% spandex).

2014-03-16 10.44.44


used my friend´s serger (huskylock from husqvarna, love the name)

2014-03-16 12.59.39


besides dots and stripes…i also fell in love with contrasting, hidden stitching


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cute little purse with wings

used up my last bit of this uncredible soft, camel tone leather. still had some bits of cream leather from my craters-of-the-moon bag, too small to create a bag on its own but too beautiful to be thrown away. so i cut the cream parts in shape and created little feathers, sewed them to give a wing shape.

2013-09-04 08.51.26

plus: used neon yellow garn (100% polyester) still a left over from my trip to thailand in 2010.

2014-03-15 12.14.57

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wanderlust bag

this bag is made of dark greenish grey wool cloth (which is often used for coats) blended with leather

2014-03-13 09.49.45


foldable on top with an extra detail revealing in one corner

2014-03-13 09.48.47


cute, light pink inner lining that goes well with the greenish color of the heavy wool cloth

2014-03-13 09.49.27

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bag: craters of the moon

used up some really fine, structured black leather

2013-11-27 09.00.39



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my best friend´s bag „30 years of leni“

simple tote bag, used daily.


and rear view

Foto (1)

canvas fabric with bird patches made from high-quality nappa leather in two fresh green colours.

inner lining: red lining („tufted tweets“ from robert kaufman)

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