brooches and bracelets made of origami stars

saw jewelry made of origami stars on my vacation in portugal…i appreciate the light weight, the upcycle factor and the diversity of stars, due to media prints (i use high gloss literature 🙂 )

i like the soft colors of these brooches

and the twisted arrangement


Über verolution

das verolution ist der teil von mir, der im alltag zu kurz kommt. eine serie von ideen, meistens textil umgesetzt.
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2 Antworten zu brooches and bracelets made of origami stars

  1. Иван schreibt:

    You picked some very nice pieces of paper there, i very much like the pattern that is formed by the printing 🙂

    How durable are these bracelets, however? And how comfortable to wear? (wouldn’t wear those, just wondering)

    • verolution schreibt:

      hello Иван 😀 thank you for your comment !
      durable: after folding, i treat them with some see-through nail polish…they get much more stable (it´s harder to „re-fold“ them to their flat shape) but they don´t survive the washing machine (forgot once to take off a brooch 😦 ).
      …and actually i have to admit, up to now i´ve never worn them longer than a few minutes! but i believe, they are much more comfortable than the other bulky bracelets, because they are made of paper instead of alloy. have a nice evening, sir !

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