Monatsarchiv: August 2012

pvc coated bag

my first bag out of pvc coated fabric for the inside i used 2 old shirts, to contrast the key pocket Advertisements

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found a new hobby – upcycling trashy clothes i bought on ebay

  this fade-to-grey cardigan got pink pockets and a ribbon, buttons were removed and hemline was sewed instead oversized, 3/4 sleeved cardigan made of rayon one can tell i like ribbons & pockets ….   i used an old … Weiterlesen

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annett´s pillow owl

with some help from the internet, i fused some ideas from etsy and dawanda and created my own interpretation of a graduation gift 🙂 for a nearly 30yrs old friend

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erika´s bag

a simple zip lock bag, made of dark grey canvas (source: a swedish paradise for furniture), with leather circles in light & medium grey and orange color. i chose a DIN-A4 size for the bag, with additional triangles on the … Weiterlesen

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