t-shirt collection „dead mermaids“

vl portfolio mermaids

some more candy colors:

2014-07-27 12.22.03


the girls. and the mermaids.





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t-shirt collection „E“

vl portfolio E


screenprinted t-shirts, made of german jersey (mostly cotton, but also modal, viscosis and silk jerseys)

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new collection: xxl mega scarfs

I was busy sewing a few lieblingsstücke, of course used only the best available fabrics (wool, silk, angora, cashmere…mmhhh…neckhugging soft quality) that were finished with soft baby nappa at the edges

tuch sonja gelb grau

many more were designed and produced by me:

grey merino woolknit with white nappa edgestuch grau gestrickt

patchwork scarf of grey and greenish woolparts, dark brown edges:tuch wolle mischung

three different blueish parts meet up with creme nappa:tuch blau mischung

khaki-oxblood army pattern with redish nappa edges:tuch wolle army

one of my favourites, the fraggle-scarf 🙂tuch fraggle gelb

the oxford scarf:tuch beige kariert

creme, glencheck pattern and unbelievable soft nappa:tuch jackie o

cotton/rayon mixed scarf in the style of red riding hood:tuch rotkäppchen

pepito houndstooth combined with plain pink, love it:tuch schwarz rosa

softest wool with scottish clan pattern:tuch schottisch

green-greyish mix of wool and silk:tuch graugrün wollseide

azur blue (also called superman blue) meets ladylike grey:tuch blau grau

greenish, petrol and light green, beloved combination:tuch hellgrün petrol

also suitable for men:

when there´s sun and dust – protect yourselftuch petrol jacquard

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Only 9 hours in Dubai – should I stay or should I go ?

Decided to leave the airport, it went really smooth. Luggage was checked in for my final destination (Bangkok) so no need to wait at the conveyor belt. Found the exit immediately, showed my passport to the immigration guy and off to the city.

Got quite lost though on my way to find the entrance to the Dubai metro station. Fortunately ran into these three guys after a misunderstanding at the metro ticket vending machine. Thank you again for your kind help and guidance!


After strolling around in Dubai city (there actually is no downtown area…) I wanted to spend a few hours with air conditioning…hello Dubai mall 🙂


Dubai, quickly expanding as ever


construction workers during their lunch break


some moments at the aquazoo or however you want to call it

2014-10-29-07-08-46 2014-10-29-07-09-29

2014-10-29-07-13-48 2014-10-29-07-19-34

and then I had my psychadelic mood…

2014-10-29-07-20-37 2014-10-29-07-23-49 2014-10-29-07-24-21

bad selfie 😀



anyway… I do recommend this place if you’re bored at the airport…but don’t know if it’s worth its entrance of 80 dirham (!!!) almost 18 euros…


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Bangkok, part I

So…after a long journey from germany I heroically passed all stations without mourning and jetlagging in some random airport corner.

finally in my first „hotel“ room. to you maybe a shithole…to me thailand heaven with air conditioning ! paid only 500 baht, bargain 🙂




Next few days passed quickly and i’m already in my asian mode. Walking the whole day, looking at each and everything and thinking, thinking, thinking…

khao san got REALLY touristic (you may think „even more than it already is?)

this is how they do your express laundry for 80 baht 🙂


it just could be so nice and neat but somehow i even like Bangkok like this, shame though that they put ALL their waste into the waters…


preparing for hungry pedestrians



Chinatown. Walked there from khao san in only 45 minutes. With sandals.

They are selling everything dried in here. Wouln’t be surprised if i found my grandmother there.


Out of chinatown and off to see some temples i found a beautiful off-set railroad area


Wat selfie


And finally…why not… decided to get some blouses tailored.

but: that was a tough one ! Actually I always thought that I was good at bargaining. Well, haven’t met Kevin at that time.

I may tell you the price I paid for 3 casual blouses – just send me a message. But let me tell you, if you care about the price, then your better off at Khao San road, there are at least 2 retailers that would do it for two thirds of my price. But I’m very happy with my stuff and I do have to admit that they have a huge selection in garnments.

If you appreciate quality then here’s your man, Kevin from „Royal Boss Tailors“ in Bangkok:


Saying good night now.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Bangladesh.



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the t-blouse meets collection „E“

t-blouse, my new fashion hobby 🙂

mixed a simply white shirt with a beautiful jersey with leave prints on it (gold & glitter!)



plus…ripped jersey mixed with screenprinted khaki stretch-cotton



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the t-blouse : preppy look and comfy fit

well, i was sort of annoyed by the fitting of my old blouses (generally always too short, too big around the shoulders, too small around the chest…) but still liked the fabric and the clean chic that comes along with them.

so decided to generate this hybrid: on top – a blouse and the rest – a fitted t-shirt made of the finest jersey available.

2014-08-24 13.40.41

2014-08-25 10.19.02

and then a few more…

2014-08-25 11.10.52

2014-08-25 10.33.55


2014-07-30 09.47.27



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fortschritte: t-shirt collection „E“

screenprinted leaves again on various jerseys

2014-06-09 11.52.39


…and tailored some t-shirts:

blätter shirt vorlage


E dunkelblau auf creme


E peach


E anisgrün


tried out different combinations of screenprinted fabric and uni colored jerseys

2014-07-12 17.19.59


like the „tricolore“ style, balloon fitted:

E tricolore

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seaglass: triangle ring for my sister

seaglass from the bahamas was used to create this heavy, solid ring (925 sterling silver, what else :)…)

made by me, verolution, in the year 2009.

2014-04-27 12.18.48

2014-04-27 12.18.022014-04-27 12.17.18

2014-04-27 12.19.32


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happy bday annett!

redish blue and blueish red, those are the colours, that fit annett best. so i decided to use this mixture to sew a happy shirt for her.

2014-04-19 20.56.00


upper part: viscose

lower part: dark blue cotton jersey

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